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A Good EPC Partner is Key.

Good Energy Group has re-engineered the EPC partner model. We are committed to solving inefficiencies within the solar industry by reimagining what a partnership really is.¬†We strive for a deep understanding of how to create happy homeowners during their contribution to a more sustainable future. We’re not your typical solar contractor. We hold an (A) General Engineering License # 1083738.

Good Energy Group has this industry figured out! We are a top-performing solar sales group that has worked with the biggest companies in the industry and not one of them comes close. GOOD has provided us with a path to success. We now have access to the most advanced and user-friendly technology, the best dealer and customer support, and the project managers are by far the most responsive we have worked with.


Katie and Marissa,

(Sol Connection Founders)


Because We’ve Been There And Done It!

When you choose Good Energy Group or one of our authorized dealers, you will feel the benefit of our diverse experience within the industry. We have an accomplished track record of successful construction projects, a high-volume dealer network, and we have perfected the project management systems.

  • General Engineering and Solar System Installation 92% 92%
  • Authorized Dealer Sales and Customer Support 80% 80%
  • Systematic Processes and Efficiencies¬† 70% 70%

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